Has Your Furnace Stopped Working? Call Paschal Heat, Air, Geothermal & GeneratorsHas your furnace stopped working all of a sudden? The unexpected breakdown of your home’s heating system is definitely a good reason to call Paschal Heat, Air, Geothermal & Generators. After all, dealing with a malfunctioning furnace is the last thing you’ll want to deal with when your home needs heat.

Fortunately, there are a few tell-tale signs of an impending furnace problem. Catch these signs early on and you can call the professionals before your furnace goes kaput:

  • Your furnace gas burner cycles on and off continuously. This symptom is usually due to a blocked or dirty air filter or blower fan. This problem also can occur due to improper furnace control settings or if the gas burner sends too much heat energy into the furnace for the blower to extract.
  • A lack of airflow at the heating supply registers can also signal a problem with a dirty air filter or blower fan. Or it can mean that a portion of the duct system has collapsed, disconnected or otherwise become blocked.
  • The furnace burner continues to run but without any airflow. Chances are the blower fan motor has failed. A loose or broken fan belt also can cause the blower fan to stop working.

If your furnace stopped working without any warning, you’ll need to contact your HVAC contractor for emergency service. Only your contractor has the tools and expertise to get your furnace up and running in a timely manner.

Keep in mind that regularly scheduled maintenance can help reduce or even eliminate the need for emergency service. As with all other types of HVAC equipment, an annual service call is the key to a healthy and hard-working furnace that lasts for years to come.

For more expert advice on emergency furnace repair, please contact us at Paschal Heat, Air, Geothermal & Generators. We’ve proudly provided Northwest Arkansas with over 40 years of exceptional service, repair and advice.

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