A/C Compressor Working Too Hard? Give It a Rest With These TipsThe compressor is a hard-working component of your air conditioning system. It’s also expensive to replace. Here’s how to relieve some of the burden on your A/C compressor and cut cooling costs in the process.

System care

  • Keep it clean: Dirty filters interfere with airflow and make the unit work harder. You should check the filter every month during the cooling season, and change or clean it as needed.
  • Keep it maintained: A professional technician should service A/C units once every two to three years. During this service call, the technician can clean the coils, recharge the refrigerant, and check all components for correct functioning. The better your A/C is functioning as a whole, the easier the workload will be on the compressor.

Smart home tips

  • Use fans: As air wafts over the skin, it whisks away surface heat and aids in the evaporation of perspiration. This makes you feel cooler. By using a ceiling fan or other fans to keep air moving, you can set your thermostat a few degrees higher, and your A/C will not have to run as much.
  • Close doors and windows: Ignore all temptation to keep windows or doors open for fresh air when your A/C is running. An air conditioner is designed to keep temperatures at the thermostat’s setting. Anytime you allow warm air into the home, the A/C must work harder.
  • Watch indoor humidity levels: Humidity makes us feel warmer. Dishwashers and washing machines add humidity to the home. Use these only on cool early mornings or late at night. Use bathroom exhaust fans when showering.
  • Cool wisely: Save energy and give the compressor a break during away-from-home times by setting the thermostat several degrees higher. In addition, on days when fans and ventilation are enough to keep you cool, give your A/C time off.

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