Protect Your A/C This Summer from Copper ThievesThere’s a reason why your air conditioner (A/C) was so expensive to purchase. On top of being a complex piece of machinery, its outdoor condenser unit also contains a lot of copper. Copper is an expensive metal that thieves will often target, which is why it is important to secure your A/C. Here are some ways to protect your unit against copper thieves:

  • Buy an alarm. There are alarm systems designed specifically for HVAC components like your A/C. These can scare off potential thieves, especially if you highlight the system with signs or stickers. A home security consultant or HVAC technician will be able to explain your alarm options in greater detail.

  • Motion-activated cameras. Catching a copper thief after a robbery is difficult. One of the only ways to significantly improve your chances of finding the culprit is to install an inexpensive camera that is activated whenever there is movement. An alarm system and a camera together will scare off thieves and prevent most robberies.

  • Box up your unit. While originally designed to protect A/Cs in harsh weather, there are special cages that will also deter thieves. While more expensive, it’s the most secure option. Research the cages available to you and choose one that doesn’t allow access to the condenser unit when locked.

  • Camouflage. Copper thieves can’t steal anything if they can’t find your outdoor A/C unit. Install your A/C out of the way if possible, in the backyard or on an elevated platform to make it difficult to access. Additionally, surround it with plants and furniture to conceal it from view.

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