When the A/C Can't Keep Up With Humid Conditions, It's Time for a ChangeDo you have a problem with excessively humid conditions in your northwest Arkansas home? High humidity can increase the workload of your air conditioner, and you might find that operating your A/C is no longer enough to create a comfortable indoor environment. Here’s what you need to know about excessively humid conditions and your air conditioner:

Humidity refers to the evaporated moisture in the air. If you’re trying to determine whether your air conditioner is cooling properly, you should consider the amount of humidity inside your home. Your air conditioner’s indoor evaporator coil removes some of this moisture as warm, muggy air blows across the refrigerant-filled coil. However, on a very humid day, your air conditioner may spend too much energy removing moisture air from the air, and will be unable to effectively cool down your household. This explains why an air conditioner may not seem to be working well on a hot, humid day, despite seeming to operate normally in other respects. With so much energy being utilized to reduce the moisture in the air, it simply isn’t as effective at doing its main job: cooling your indoor environment.

Following are some tips for you to get the most out of your air conditioner during hot and humid conditions:

  • Close your house up and turn your air conditioning system on first thing in the morning. This allows it to get a head start on the cooling and dehumidifying process to keep your home comfortable all day long. A good rule of thumb is that the A/C usually can keep up with cooling, but may have trouble catching up if your home has had a chance to fill up with warm and muggy air.
  • Make sure your bathroom exhaust fan is turned on whenever any family members are taking a shower or bath. This ensures that extra humidity is exhausted outside and not added to your A/Cs workload.
  • Pull the shades down on any windows that get direct sunlight.
  • Use an exhaust vent fan when cooking to keep heat to a minimum.
  • Keep the air filter changed regularly, and make sure the indoor and outdoor A/C coils are clean.

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