Improve Poor Bathroom Ventilation with These Helpful TipsAdequate bathroom ventilation prevents excessive humidity that can contribute to mold growth and spread throughout your home. Furthermore, constant exposure to excessive humidity can weaken drywall and discolor paint. You and your HVAC pro can improve air movement in your bathroom by using one or more of these recommendations.

  • Install a quieter fan. If you and your family members don’t run the fan because of the noise, consider replacing it with a quieter model. This will encourage everyone to use the fan to whisk away excess humidity. Look for the decibel (dB) rating on the fan and the amount of air it removes in cubic feet per minute (CFM). High CFMs and low dBs are preferable for bathroom fans.
  • Ask your HVAC expert to verify that there’s enough clearance space beneath the bathroom door, so your forced-air HVAC system can pull air out for optimal bathroom ventilation. The base of your door should have at least an inch of clearance, so that when it’s closed and your furnace is running, air can leave the bathroom and mix with the rest of your home’s air.
  • If you’ve noticed that interior doors hang above the floor, chances are your forced-air HVAC system requires this type of return ventilation. If the bathroom door fits tightly on the floor, you can either cut off some of the base or install a ventilation grate without interfering with privacy.
  • Use a small dehumidifier in your bathroom to pull excess humidity from the air. HVAC pros can test the GFI (ground fault interrupter) devices in your home for proper operation to prevent electrical shocks in wet areas, like your kitchen, laundry room and bathroom.
  • Check the height of your shower door and curtain. A shower enclosure that tops out at the ceiling will trap moisture your fan won’t be able to remove easily.

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