Air Conditioning Basics: 5 Things All Arkansas Homeowners Should LearnIf you’re like most people, you appreciate the central air conditioner that cools your home for much of the year, but you probably aren’t sure how it works. When it comes to troubleshooting problems or performing basic maintenance, it helps to know some basic concepts about air conditioning. Following are five important things to know about your home’s A/C.

How Central Air Conditioning Works

A central air conditioner uses a chemical solution called refrigerant to remove heat from the home, which results in cool air. This process occurs inside the home when liquid refrigerant expands into a gas in the evaporator coil. After extracting heat from the air, the gaseous refrigerant is pumped outside to the condenser/compressor, where it’s compressed back into a liquid. This releases the captured heat into the air. Fans distribute the cooled air inside and disperse the released heat outside.

Why the Air Filter Is Essential

The air filter is a basic component that makes sure air being drawn into the A/C isn’t full of dirt and debris, including unwanted contaminants like pollen, pet dander and mold spores. It protects sensitive components from dirt, improves indoor air quality, and ensures more efficient operation. If dust gets on the evaporator coil, it impedes the heat-exchange process that’s crucial to efficient A/C operation.

Regular Maintenance Is Important

Your A/C will operate more efficiently, use less energy and last longer if you schedule annual preventive maintenance for it. On your end, make sure you inspect the air filter monthly and change it when it gets dirty.

Make Things Easier for Your Air Conditioner

Reduce the cooling load in your home by sealing air leaks and upgrading insulation. You’ll lower cooling bills and reduce your A/C’s workload.

Use Ceiling Fans

When a ceiling fan is operating in a room, it creates a cooling effect for anyone who feels the moving air. This allows you to turn up the thermostat a few degrees without any loss of comfort, saving on utility bills.

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