4 Types of Residential Use Geothermal SystemsA geothermal system can help you save a significant amount of money on home heating and cooling costs by lowering your energy use. These systems come in a few different types that offer their own advantages and disadvantages. The type of system that’s right for your home will depend on factors such as soil conditions and property size. Keep the following geothermal facts in mind when looking at systems for your home. ​

Vertical Closed-Loop Systems

These geothermal systems are commonly installed on residential properties in Northwest Arkansas, since they don’t require a lot of land and only have minimal effects on landscaping. Geothermal facts show that these systems typically involve having holes drilled roughly 20 feet apart and up to 400 feet deep. The pipes installed in these holes join together at the bottom and top, then connect to the home’s heat pump with a pipe.

Horizontal Closed-Loop Systems

These systems require a larger amount of land and can interfere more with landscaping.  Based on geothermal facts, these systems are not suitable for properties with rough, rocky soil. Therefore, they’re not typically installed in Northwest Arkansas. Installers dig trenches that are at least four feet deep, then bury two pipes in the ground lengthwise.

Pond Loop Systems

Geothermal facts indicate that these systems do not involve much digging or drilling. Instead, a coiled pipe is placed about eight feet below the surface of a nearby pond, while a supply line pipe is installed in the ground from the pond to the home’s heat pump. Pond loop systems can only be used if the pond has enough depth and volume, as well as good water quality.

Open-Loop Systems

In closed-loop systems, a heat exchange fluid circulates through the pipes. With open-loop systems, surface water or well water runs through pipes and goes directly back into the ground. Open-loop systems require a clean supply of water, and geothermal facts show that they are not allowed in certain areas.

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