Variable-Speed Heating

If you’re ready to upgrade your home heating system, you need to consider a variable-speed model. With this type of system, the air handler’s blower fan can vary its speed as it pushes conditioned air through the ductwork. To help you understand the benefits offered by variable-speed technology, let’s look at how it operates in comparison to standard air handlers.

Variable-Speed Versus Standard Air Handlers

A standard air handler has just one speed setting, so it runs at 100 percent capacity every time your thermostat signals the furnace for heat. A single-speed blower has to cycle on and off repeatedly to maintain the thermostat setting, while a variable-speed model can automatically modulate its speed to match your heating requirements. It starts off at the lowest speed setting necessary and runs for longer cycles. The blower operates on low much of the time, and only ramps up to a higher speed when extra warmth is needed.

Benefits of a Variable-Speed Heating System

A variable-speed system is a worthwhile investment that can bring you:

  • Significant energy savings. Installing an air handler that runs on an efficient lower speed most of the time can trim your heating system’s use of electricity by up to 80 percent over a standard blower.
  • Whisper-quiet operation. If you have a single-speed heating system, you’re no doubt used to hearing a frequent “bang” as the blower cycles on. Since it runs for longer cycles and ramps up to higher speeds gradually, you’ll find that variable-speed equipment is ultra-quiet in comparison.
  • More consistent comfort. Uneven heating is a common problem with single-speed air handlers. The longer cycling and almost continuous operation of a variable-speed model virtually eliminate temperature fluctuations in different areas of your home, so you’ll avoid the repeated dips and spikes that erode comfort.
  • Better air filtration. A variable-speed blower draws your air supply through the HVAC filter more often, which keeps harmful debris out of the system and helps prolong the equipment’s lifespan. This almost continuous filtration can help remove more microscopic allergens and pollutants to boost air quality if you add an air cleaner unit to the HVAC system.

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