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Improve Energy Efficiency With Professional Duct Maintenance

By | June 11th, 2015|Duct Cleaning, Ductwork|

If you’re a diligent homeowner, you probably schedule annual maintenance on your home’s cooling and heating systems. That helps ensure both energy efficiency and solid performance. But does that visit include professional duct maintenance? If not, you should consider scheduling a skilled technician to inspect your ducts and make sure they’re properly sealed and insulated. […]

How to Tell If Your Springdale Home Needs a Professional Duct Cleaning

By | April 2nd, 2015|Duct Cleaning|

You may have heard that you need to have your home’s air ducts professionally cleaned on a regular basis. You may have even had a sales call from an outfit offering this service. It pays to be skeptical about these offers. Professional duct cleaning, while necessary in some cases, is not something that most homes need done on a regular basis. […]

Don’t Forget Duct Cleaning in Your Fall Maintenance Check

By | October 21st, 2014|Duct Cleaning, Ductwork|

As you get your home ready for winter and perform routine fall maintenance like trimming trees, cleaning out your gutters, check to see if your HVAC system needs a good duct cleaning. […]

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