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|Gas Leak

Why You Need Carbon Monoxide Detectors | PaschalCorp

By | January 23rd, 2018|Air Filters, CO detectors, Gas Leak, Heat Exchanger, Home Safety, Preventive Maintenance, Safety, Service & Maintenance|

What is Carbon Monoxide? Carbon monoxide (CO), is an odorless, colorless gas, which can cause sudden illness and death, also known as the "Silent Killer." [...]

How to Detect a Gas Leak and What to do When You Find It

By | October 7th, 2014|Gas Leak, Safety|

You may know how to detect a gas leak by smelling it, but many people don’t know that gas has other signs of leakage. Natural gas has no odor or color, and the supplier has to add an odorant to make leaks detectable. In the event you can’t smellĀ it, use these other warning signs that a hazard may be present: […]

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