Sealing Air Leaks

|Sealing Air Leaks

Plugging The Air Leaks In Your Home: An Easy Guide To Caulking

By | November 29th, 2012|Sealing Air Leaks|

If there are air leaks in your home, an easy way to seal many of them is with caulk. This flexible material, which is usually applied from a canister with a caulk gun, is used to seal stationary joints between different building components. Caulk can be applied inside and outside your home for the purpose of weatherizing your home and preventing water damage around fixtures and drains. […]

Finding And Fixing Those Tiny Air Leaks

By | September 6th, 2012|Sealing Air Leaks|

Even tiny air leaks can add up if there are a lot of them in your Northwest Arkansas home. To improve heating and cooling efficiency year-round, you need to find and fix these tiny leaks, which can be located everywhere from the attic to the basement. Here are some tips on locating and plugging up air leaks around your home. […]

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