Energy Recovery Ventilation: Your Home’s Sustainable Air Quality Solution

By | February 9th, 2016|Ventilation|

Among the many tools at your disposal for making your home a safe and comfortable paradise exists Energy Recovery Ventilation. This process for mechanically introducing fresh air into your living environment utilizes an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to exchange the energy contained in a specific area’s air and using it to treat incoming outdoor air. The indoor air quality will improve dramatically and your energy costs decrease by reducing the strain on HVAC equipment, heating and cooling units. […]

Balance Your Household Ventilation With An ERV

By | November 3rd, 2015|Energy Recovery Ventilation, Ventilation|

In today’s tightly-sealed, energy efficient houses, a source of mechanically introduced fresh air is vital to maintain indoor air quality. As residential construction methods become more air-tight to conserve heating and cooling, airborne particulates and contaminants can accumulate to harmful levels never seen in the drafty, well-ventilated homes of the past.  Today, the gold standard for mechanically introduced fresh air ventilation is the ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator.) […]

How to Determine If a Whole-House Fan Is Right for Your Home

By | May 12th, 2015|Fans, Ventilation|

For folks who live in moderate climates, a whole-house fan can be a great way to save money on air conditioning, taking advantage of certain times of day when outside temperatures cool off. However, it’s not a good strategy in areas where it doesn’t cool off much at night for much of the year. […]

How to Prevent Window Condensation in Your Springdale Home

By | April 21st, 2015|Humidification, Ventilation|

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably take for granted the condensation that forms on windows in your home. It’s such a regular part of everyday life that you don’t think about it. However, it’s important to prevent window condensation, not just because the moisture can damage walls and fixtures over time, but also because it likely represents a more widespread issue with excess humidity in your home. […]

Improve Poor Bathroom Ventilation with These Helpful Tips

By | February 24th, 2015|Ventilation|

Adequate bathroom ventilation prevents excessive humidity that can contribute to mold growth and spread throughout your home. Furthermore, constant exposure to excessive humidity can weaken drywall and discolor paint. You and your HVAC pro can improve air movement in your bathroom by using one or more of these recommendations. […]

A Ventilation System Is Great for Fresher Air, But Get These Benefits As Well

By | October 17th, 2013|IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation|

If your Northwest Arkansas home is newer or tightly sealed, your indoor air quality may be lacking. Particles such as mold and bacteria and gaseous pollutants can cause a range of health problems. A whole-house ventilation system is ideal for keeping your indoor air clean by mechanically replacing stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air.  […]

Ventilation Technology That Can Keep You Cooler

By | July 30th, 2013|IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation|

Adequate air exchange can alleviate and prevent poor indoor air quality (IAQ) issues in your northwest Arkansas home. Moreover, with the right ventilation technology, you can help lower cooling expenses while enjoying fresh air. […]

Attic Ventilation Can Solve Your Moisture Issues

By | February 28th, 2013|Ventilation|

Excess moisture in the attic is just one of those problems that most homeowners don’t notice until it’s too late. A combination of high relative humidity (usually above 50 to 60 percent) and outdoor temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit can create condensation that forms on the underside of roof sheathing and other areas. In an attic that’s improperly ventilated, this condensation becomes the perfect recipe for unchecked mold growth. […]

Attic Fans: Ventilation Is Critical To Your Attic’s Overall Health

By | January 24th, 2013|Ventilation|

Attic ventilation isn’t something at the top of most to-do lists, but it should be. This one area of home improvement can help lower utility bills during both the summer and winter as well as extend the life of asphalt shingles, furnaces and air conditioners. In most homes, these benefits can be attained through the simple addition of attic fans that promote more efficient air exchange in the attic. […]

It’s Not Enough To Insulate — You Also Need To Ventilate

By | December 13th, 2012|Ventilation|

Insulating your home will go a long way toward cutting down on your energy costs, especially during the winter in northwest Arkansas. However, don’t forget about the need to ventilate your home as well. Ventilation is very important in maintaining good air quality. Not only that, but without proper ventilation your heating and cooling equipment will get dirty much faster, resulting in additional wear and tear as they operate. […]

Mold Prevention Strategies That Really Work

By | March 27th, 2012|Air ducts, Filtration, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Mold, Ventilation|

Mold causes a lot of problems for Arkansas homeowners, but there are a number of ways you can prevent mold from taking hold in your home. Mold thrives in a moist, stagnant environment, so maintaining air circulation and humidity are keys mold prevention: […]

Your New Ventilation System: Keep These 8 Design Factors In Mind

By | February 14th, 2012|Ductwork, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation|

Ventilation systems are becoming increasingly more important as homes are built with tighter and tighter exterior shells. Such tight construction is ideal for saving on energy bills, but with hardly any airflow between the interior and exterior, indoor pollution builds up to unhealthy levels. That’s where the ventilation system comes in. […]

Air Purification Possible With New Combined Technologies

By | October 6th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Air ducts, Air Filters, Filtration, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Mold, Ventilation|

As a resident of northwest Arkansas, you probably consider yourself lucky to live in such scenic surroundings. With the Ozarks and Beaver Lake as a backdrop to our everyday lives, it’s difficult to believe that the very nature of this beauty can impact the air you breathe.  But thanks to the abundance of water as well as the high summer temperatures, biological containments such as mold and mildew are common properties of your home’s indoor air quality.  Pet dander, dust mites, viruses and bacteria only thicken the soup, so to speak. New air purification technology, however,  allows you attack the containments in your air on all fronts. […]

Top Ways To Increase Indoor Air Quality

By | September 22nd, 2011|Air Conditioning, Air Filters, Filtration, Heating, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Service & Maintenance, Ventilation|

While there are many different ways you can improve the indoor air quality of your home, they can all be divided into three basic categories.  Here’s a look at these three categories and their corresponding tips to improve the air you breathe inside your home. […]

New Installation? Repairs? Choose The “Paschal Guarantee”

By | September 6th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Ductwork, Energy Evaluations, Furnaces, Heating, Service & Maintenance, Technicians, Ventilation|

Are you tired of sweating over your old air conditioning system? Do want to have the indoor comfort you deserve? If you live in Northwest Arkansas and you are looking for a contractor to install, service or repair your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, check out Paschal, Heat, Air, & Geothermal. The company provides a full range of services for heating and air conditioning systems and offers a unique service guarantee that promises: […]

Five Key Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home In Peak Pollen Season in Arkansas

By | August 16th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Air ducts, Air Filters, Dehumidifiers, Filtration, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Mold, Service & Maintenance, UV Lights, Ventilation|

If you’re an allergy sufferer, going outside can be miserable. However, staying inside may not offer much relief. According to the federal EPA, the air supply in the average home in Northwest Arkansas is about 10 times worse than outdoors. Pollutants, including allergens, circulate via your HVAC system and settle in carpet and upholstery. Just walking across the carpet or sitting in a chair can send up a cloud of allergens. […]

How Continuous Attic Ventilation Can Help You Keep Your Cooling Costs Down

By | August 9th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Energy Evaluations, Heating, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Service & Maintenance, Ventilation|

Continuous attic ventilation is a hot-button topic for many homeowners, particularly those who own older houses but want to retrofit them to meet current energy efficiency standards. While today’s builders design attics to include vents, homes built 40 or 50 years ago were typically sealed off completely. It was an age of lower energy costs and less concern over energy consumption and efficiency, making the benefits of vents a lower priority. This began to change during the 1970s, when the energy and oil crisis made efficiency a central concern of cash-strapped homeowners. […]

High-Efficiency Equipment Calls For Expert Installation — That Means A NATE-Certified Technician

By | August 2nd, 2011|Air Conditioning, Energy Evaluations, Heating, High-Efficiency, NATE Certification, Service & Maintenance, Technicians, Ventilation|

If you’ve decided to purchase a new, high-efficiency air conditioner, you’re already well on the way to savings on your energy bills. But when it comes time to install the equipment, you need to choose a qualified HVAC technician; however, technicians are not all the same. Hiring an installation professional with elite-level skills will help you get the most out of your warranty and ensure that your new air conditioner runs at peak efficiency. Looking for NATE certification when hiring an HVAC professional is the best way to guarantee service excellence. […]

Degree Days, And How You Can Use Them To Figure Your Energy Use

By | July 28th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Energy Evaluations, Heating, Ventilation|

If you’re trying to track the amount of energy you’re using to heat and cool your home, degree days are a concept you’ll want to familiarize yourself with. When properly used, they allow you to anticipate your monthly utility costs, and provide you with an effective means of comparing current energy consumption rates with similar periods in years past. Degree days essentially take the weather out of the equation to compare energy consumption, and you’ll gain a better understanding of your systems’ efficiency and spot opportunities to cut back and save yourself some money. […]

How UV Lights Fight For Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

By | July 21st, 2011|Air Conditioning, Air ducts, Air Filters, Filtration, Geothermal, Heating, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Mold, UV Lights, Ventilation|

Ultraviolet (UV) lights are a great germicidal complement to your home’s air system.  They will make a noticeable improvement to your indoor air quality without making a huge dent in your pocketbook.   […]

Paschal Heat & Air Conditioning’s Top Tips For Summer Energy Savings

By | July 14th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Air Filters, Energy Evaluations, Fans, Heating, High-Efficiency, Service & Maintenance, Technicians, Thermostats, Ventilation|

It is summer in Springdale, and along with the high temperatures can come uncomfortably high electric bills. There are some easy and relatively low-cost (or even no-cost) ways that you can save energy, though, while still keeping your home comfortable. So, at Paschal Heat & Air Conditioning, here are our top tips for summer energy savings: […]

Attic-Sealing Strategies Give Homeowners In Northern Arkansas A Solid Plan For Efficiency And Comfort

By | July 7th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Energy Evaluations, Heating, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Insulation, Mold, Service & Maintenance, Ventilation|

With summer in full effect in Northwest Arkansas, it’s time to make sure your house stays as energy efficient as possible.  Heat from your attic can have a detrimental effect so it’s important to be familiar with several attic sealing strategies that can help you save money.   […]

Humidity Grips Arkansas’ Summers With A Tight Fist, Use Dehumidification Systems To Take It Back

By | June 23rd, 2011|Air Conditioning, Dehumidifiers, Filtration, Heating, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Mold, Service & Maintenance, Technicians, Thermostats, Ventilation|

Summers in northwest Arkansas can feel especially sweltering because on top of the heat, there’s the humidity. Air conditioners can help cool the air but do little for efficient dehumidification. Whole-house dehumidification systems are the best way to make sure you don’t have to suffer through that humidity in your house. […]

Need A New Air Filter? Use MERV As Your Guide

By | June 9th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Air ducts, Air Filters, Energy Evaluations, Filtration, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Mold, Service & Maintenance, Technicians, Ventilation|

In the 1950s, replacing an air filter required practically no thought. You would remove the dirt- and dust-covered fiberglass filter and replace it with a new filter. Today, choosing the right filter for your home or business requires a lot of thought. Over 25 years ago, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) also recognized the need to normalize the filter playing field. MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) was developed and instituted as a method to compare the effectiveness of one filter against another. […]

Buffet-Style Air Conditioning? Why Size Matters and Bigger Is Not Always Better

By | June 7th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Air ducts, Dehumidifiers, Energy Evaluations, Filtration, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Service & Maintenance, Technicians, Thermostats, Ventilation|

When upgrading or installing a new A/C system, you need to make sure the size you select is suited for your home. A unit that is too large will invite a whole mess of problems.   […]

Too Much Moisture? How To Avoid Mold

By | May 10th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Dehumidifiers, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Mold, Preventive Maintenance, Service & Maintenance, Technicians, Ventilation|

Arkansas residents know a thing or two about humidity. Unfortunately, general discomfort isn’t the only threat that high humidity poses to Arkansas homeowners. Excess moisture increases the potential for the growth of harmful molds that are not only detrimental to the health of your family, but to the structural integrity of your home. […]

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